FUSE Community Work Hubs FAQs

Where are the FUSE Community Work Hubs located? We have three conveniently located offices across the Sunshine Coast:

  1. FUSE Gibsons: Unit 102 - 494 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons Sunshine Coast BC (Entrance through parking lot under School District 46 office

  1. FUSE: Sechelt: Unit 301 - 5500 Wharf Avenue, Sechelt, Sunshine Coast BC (Above The Bakery)

  1. FUSE: Pender Harbour: Unit 201 - 12890 Madeira Park Road, Madeira Park, Sunshine Coast BC (Above JAVA Docks)

What are the hours that I can use the FUSE Community Work Hub offices? The offices are accessible from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Is there staff on site at the FUSE Community Work Hubs? No, we do not have staff on site.

How do I gain access to the FUSE Community Work Hub office spaces? In order to remotely access the FUSE coworking spaces you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Head over to the App Store or Google Play

  • Download and open the Kisi App on your mobile device

  • Click the blue ‘Add Account’ button(no need to choose an organization)

  • Login using your email address associated with your account

  • A sign-in link will be sent to your email, click the link provided in the email on your mobile device and follow the prompts given

PLEASE NOTE: you WILL NOT be able to log in to the Kisi App until you have purchased a day pass, signed up for a membership or until 15 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting room booking time. It will say 'you are not a part of an organization' until that time. 

Do I need to prebook a hot desk at FUSE Community Work Hub? No. At this time we are not reaching full capacity at any of our 3 locations on a standard day. You can just drop in and use whichever hot desk you prefer that is free.

What is the WIFI network and password at FUSE Community Work Hub? Once you purchase a day pass, sign up for a membership or make a meeting room booking you will receive an email with the wifi and other information you need to access and use the space.

Do I need to have a full- or part-time membership in order to book a meeting room at FUSE Community Work Hub? No. Once you create your free profile you will gain access to our online booking calendar to book meeting rooms as needed.

Is there a private room or area at the FUSE Community Work Hubs to take zoom meetings and/or phone calls at FUSE Community Work Hub? The only private spaces at FUSE are the meeting rooms, which can be booked using the online booking calendar. It is $12/hour for members and $15/hour for non-members to use the meeting room. Members receive complimentary booking time with their membership - quantity depends on membership type.

Are the meeting rooms at FUSE Community Work Hub soundproof? While the meeting rooms are quite private, the walls have not been soundproofed and we cannot guarantee that conversations won't be overheard. 

Does FUSE Community Work Hub supply computer monitors, or is there a space to store my computer monitor when I am not at the office? No. We do not supply monitors or offer storage space to store your monitor. We offer dedicated desk plans if you would like to leave your monitor, and other personal belongings, at FUSE. Please reach out to info@fuseworkhub.ca to discuss dedicated desk options.

Can I rent a private office at FUSE Community Work Hub? No, we do not have private offices available to rent at this time. We offer dedicated desks, hot desks and meeting rooms that can be rented on an hourly basis. Please reach out to info@fuseworkhub.ca to discuss dedicated desk options.

Does FUSE Community Work Hub offer virtual offices and/or mailing address solutions? No. We do not offer these services at this time.